Child Psychology Practice


I have enjoyed meeting and working with many people of all ages over the past 30 years

I currently specialise in working with children aged 0-12 years presenting with anxiety and behavioural problems

My approach is to work with the child/young person in collaboration with their parent/s – “Mind the Family”

Bookings: (I’m not able to take any new referrals until end 2023 – please see your GP for other suggestions)

Telephone: 0423 795 725


How I work:

I draw from a wide range of therapeutic models and try to match these to suit the needs of those I am working with. I’m committed to respectful, collaborative conversations that help a person to be their full self.  I also like to bring humour and playfulness to the therapy room, especially in working with children and young people. Big problems somehow get smaller once a little light-heartedness can be re-introduced.

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